Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 - New Year - New Me - New Blog

I've been known to NOT stick to new year's resolution and as much as i would to start the year or my so called resolutions on the 1st of Jan every year, I don't.  So let me document this date Jan 13th 2014 as the day that I will start my goals for this year!

Goal # 1 - Move to a new house.  Wait, I already did! :)  I am happy to announce that we did move a bigger, btter space for our family that is now starting to feel at home.  And the great thing about this is we moved on the 1st of January this year! Been here for almost 2 weeks now and it's starting to feel like home.  Watch out for another blog and I am trying to finish all the unpacking and figuring out what stuff we need.  We need alot! 

Here are a couple of photos of the front and back of this split-level foyer house that we got this year.  I am so excited because 1) Apollo now has his own room, 2) Joey got a bigger space for his animals  and 3)  the house and yard is huge!   I don't care about the cleaning coz it's just like going to therapy for me and I love the hardwood floors.  Wait did I tell you we got hardwood floors? :)

Goal # 2 - Decorate the new house.  I do not know even know how to start talking about my ideas for the house.  If you have read a few my inconsistent updates about our life and my attempts at blogging about my DIY, arts, crafts, cooking, family, etc.. then you probably have an idea that I am an artsy craftsy person.  Which brings me to my next goal...

Goal # 3 - Redesign the herronsweethome blogsite!  I have so many ideas and I just need to organize them.  However, before I start organizing, I give my full committment to my blogsite.  Hopefully apologies are accepted for my inconsistency the past few years to update my blog page.

Goal # 4 - Healthier and Wealthier Family.  To bullet point a few of our plans -
  • Continue with our weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey
  • Work on new exercise routines.  Ryan and I have not really talked about what kind of activities we want to do this year.  He was planning on going back to the gym but with both our work schedules, I dont think we will be able to do it together. 
  • Update meal plan and budget for Q1 2014.  One quarter at a time.  The past 3 weeks, we've been eating alot of junk because of the most-blamed-weight-gain-season-of-the-year The Holidays and the fact that we ahve been packing and moving.  We've been eating junk pretty much.  Well, now that we are starting to settle down in the house, I started cooking "real" healthy food again and would like to redo my meal calendar. 
  • Couponing!  I stopped couponing for a year.  Well I still use coupons but I do not clip them like crazy like I used to.
  • Repurpose / Recycle / Reuse - With a bigger house, we found ourselves, needing alot of stuff.  Game plan - buy second hand items and repurpose, recycle and reuse them!  Soo excited because this time we also have a huge garage which I will convert into a workshop so we can build things.  Oh happy day!
Goal # 5 - Organize, organize, organize.  With the new house, I cannot wait to redo my organization of all the stuff in the house.  Now that I have different locations (and more space yay!) here in the new house, I will have to work on new organization ideas.

These are my goals for 2014.  Can you share me yours? :)

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  1. Congrats on moving to a new and better house! How's it now? With all these plans you have ahead, I believe it wouldn't take long before this new house of yours looks even better. Oh and don't forget to check on its insurance okay? Thanks for sharing!

    Jayson Bass