Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Coffee Table made from Shipping Palettes

I am finally done with my new DIY coffee table, yay!  It only took a week to get it done and lots of sanding and sealing.  I am so happy with how it turned out!

I got the inspiration from Jillian Harris Design.  She painted hers white but I like to have a wood color because my next project is to paint my TV console table a pop of color.  Hers is beautiful too!

 Other than her design, I have a collection of inspiration here in my pinterest board -


The first thing we did is to choose two good palettes.  Ryan's Uncle Mark gave us the shipping palettes from his work free of charge (woot to Uncle Mark!).  I got lucky to have this one perfect piece that has really good even wood slats on top.  It has this hole on one of the wood slats but I love how it has these imperfections.  You will see in the photos below what I am talking about.

We have to used my father in law's workshop to get this built (so here's another hooray for Dad Mike!).

Big shoutout too to my not-so-handy-man husband because he did all the work on this table. :) I am so proud of him!

The first thing we did is sanded down the tops and the sides of the palettes. We used the coarse grain sanding paper first on the first two times that we sanded the wood.  We heavily apply polyurethane on every day that we sand the wood, let it dry overnight and sand it again.  It took about five sets of sanding, sealing overnight until it is finally very smooth.  I did not stain it because I like the natural wood color plus the poly already gave it that sheen that I like.

I totally forgot to take photos of the wheels that we used. It came from the orange plastic book case of Apollo (which actually came from our good friend and neighbor Theresa). That 7 foot book case used to be a Sunny D (yes the drink) display rack that came from a grocery store.  Im not sure where Theresa got it but the wheels are perfect for the project.  We attached the wheels to 2" X 1.5" X 4" block of wood (which silly us we forgot to seal it (but the wood is also heavily sanded).  Then after the last part was to attach that wood with the wheels at the bottom four corners of the finished table.

I know its not perfect but I like how grungy and rustic it looks.  You probably already noticed that I don't like matchy-matchy stuff in my house. I like unique pieces.  I am not a good carpenter nor builder, so is my husband, so these things that me and my husband build are not perfect but at least we can tell our kids we built it together :)

Maybe in time we will get better. I have several more projects lined up and Ryan is very eager to help me too! :)

Well here are are a few photos of how the built went.  :)


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