Monday, February 4, 2013

Superbowl Party at 528

This is the first time we had a superbowl party at home.  Joey loves football but not a die-hard fan.  I enjoy watching it, more for entertainment, to watch the commercials and of course the half-time show and just to hang out with friends..  My husband enjoys watching the game too but not a fanatic.  Well, we had a great time!  Invited some neighbors/friends over to watch the game, put on some simple festive superbowl decorations, threw a few stuff to snack on,  while watching the game and just pretty much have a good time.  Funny thing is the rest of our friends love watching the game but are not die-hard football fans either so...

Here is a gist of how the night went by:
- started eating way before the kick off starts
- during the kickoff, we were all discussing our neighbor (the preacher), Barry Green
- ate some more food (the food is great!)
- starts talking about various subjects while the game is on (while watching and still giving commentaries about the game still)
- have a third serving of food (yeah the food is great!)
- everyone gets really quiet while anxiously waiting to watch the commercials
- get more food and drinks
- after the half time show, Joey pulled out his laptop to show a few funny youtube videos (specifically, Sweet Brown, Nascar prayer and EdBassMaster
- eat some more (yes we all pigged out tonight!)
- 15 minutes before the end of the game, everyone pretty much decided to all go home because no one is really watching the game that intently

Now, dont get me wrong, everyone had a great time!  We all talked about doing a movie night or something in the next few months.  We just love to hang out and talk and have a great time, nothing wrong with that!  And of course eat. :)

We ended up with alot of food than I expected.  I was thinking we'd just have pizza, chips and a few fingerfood but everyone brought something great for the game.  We got the pizza, made 4 dips for the chips and made sweet treats - cookies & mint chocolate bars.  John brought party platter (crackers, cheese, ham, turkey).  Dot brought her awesome Amish friendship bread and delicious pecan pie. And the uber cool Ashley and Charley provided the drinks and the booze.

So if you are the kind of person who does not get upset about doing fun stuff or talking about other stuff during a football game, come on down next year you are welcome to join our craziness haha.

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