Saturday, February 9, 2013

four years married - 02-07-2013

Four years baby, four years!  I cannot believe we have been married four years.  They said that after the 3rd year of marriage, the excitement of being with your spouse starts to get boring and going down the drain.  So wrong.  Yes, some of the excitement and thrill of being in love for the first time is gone, but there is a much stronger sense of excitement that grows between two married persons who are truly inlove.  Like the excitement of being together finally (we spent our first year of marriage away from each other, me in the Philippines, and Ryan in the US), having a baby and starting a new family, discovering more things about each other, going through challenges together, being the most creative and resourceful to make marriage and family life more exciting, and just going through this journey called life.  All I can say is four years felt like just four minutes and in that four minutes, so many things got crammed in our marriage and life together. We are so ready for more.  We are just beginning. I love my Ryan dearly and I cannot imagine life without him and our two boys now.

Today, I spent the whole day just with Ryan. My in-laws graciously agreed to look after the two boys while the two of us went loafing around town.  It was a short sweet 8 hours but having that alone time even for just a few hours is still very special and we had a great time.

I have been maintaining our wedding website here at  You can see here photos of our wedding, some important milestones in our family life and our yearly wedding anniversary.  Hope you can visit the site and feel free to leave a message for us!

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