Monday, February 4, 2013

cheap thrills! 2-3-2013

woot woot!  Last week I was scouring through the Last Chance Clearance racks of TJMaxx (they usually have it at the end of every holiday, or beginning of the year).  I love TJ Maxx and I usually go there every week and I always go out with something small .  I decided to blog about all the great deals I get from TJ Maxx and other outlet stores such as Ross, Marshalls, goodwill or habitat store, craigslist and other stores I usually go to.  I never buy anything at full price (well except for produce, meat, you know what I mean) and every week I find something totally awesome and something that does not break the bank!

For this week, guess what I found! I scored a $120 Cynthia Rowley bag from TJ Maxx  and only paid $20! I love it.  Then going through more racks, found a small silver leather Cynthia Rowley wallet for only $7!  It was originally priced at $58.  Both items are on clearance. I am an ecstatic woman! haha  Love the colors too!

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