Sunday, January 6, 2013

DIY - Burlap Curtain

I have been on a DIY binge lately and I just finished my first every home-made curtain made out of natural burlap.  I have been wanting to make burlap curtains and been getting some inspiration from some amazing handmade burlap curtains in Pinterest.

I am quite proud of what I made because I sewed everything by hand because 1) I need to get a new sewing machine and 2) The fabric is thick and I don't think it won't go through the sewing machine.The apple green buttons are actually wooden beads that I have in my stash.  It took me a total of 3 weeks to finish the curtains because I hemmed all the sides (again, by hand ).  Proud seamstress moment :)

Of course I have to include my darling Apollo in the shot since he also "helped" while I am in the process of making my first home made curtain (by help I mean stepping on the burlap or going under the burlap, putting the burlap in his mouth or wanting to go through my sewing kit). 

 The first inspiration I got was from  She painted it with white stripes and I am thinking of doing mine the same. But I am waiting for my new wall paint before making final decision on the white stripes.  It looks great though.
 love these burlap cutains...

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