Sunday, October 23, 2011

cheap thrills! 10-22-2011

Today I didn't really plan on looking for something but you know me, I window shop ALOT and if I see a good deal on something that I know we would use/need, then I'd get it. This afternoon, on the way back from my brother-in-law's from Loudon, we stopped by this huge yard sale which funnily, they set up at a car lot with storage buildings and it looks like they have a lot of crap in there.  We decided to stop because I still want to get more frames to re-purpose for my gallery wall.  Well I went in there and did not get a single frame ( i should have) but got a lot of good finds. I have not really been going to yard sales this year because I've got Apollo and I think this is like the 2nd time that I actually stopped to check out one in a long time.

I got out of the yard sale paying only $7 for everything!

a green glass pitcher which is in a really good shape (it's really heavy so I know it's made of real glass) - for $1.00

a stainless steel 7-inch skillet / frying pan - for $0.75

15-inch grill tongs - for $0.25

Vintage 10-inch 2 quart large Corningware (Blue Cornflower design) for $1.00! I checked and found out that this piece is still priced at around $25 still and you can't find it anywhere now. I have two other same exact pieces that are both 1 quart each so I'm happy to have a third piece.

And I believe my favorite find today is the High back mesh ergonomic office chair that I got for only $4! This would be perfect for my home office as I needed one (I am currently using a dining room chair haha). Again I checked and found out that this kind is priced at around $140! Score!

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