Sunday, October 16, 2011

cheap thrills! 10-16-2011

Hi!  I have always been a bargain shopper since I can remember.  Probably because I grew up in a middle class family and my mom is really great with budgeting and finding great buys at a discount.  I learned growing up that you can have the pretty things you want to buy that is within your budget if you would just take time to look for great deals out there.

Now I am a sucker for branded items!  Why?  Because of the quality!  Usually the better brands and higher price just comes out as generally better than generic or regular items.  DISCLAIMER:  Not all generic or non-branded items are BAD because I still buy alot of generic items and non-branded items.  For me it all depends on wether I am getting a good deal out of it and if I am getting a quality product.

Every weekend is usually my bargain finding time coz that's when my husband, son and I usually go dine out, go around town or shop.  I figured I am going to start sharing some good finds I get.  Believe it or not, almost everything inside our house are bought at a bargain/discount. It took a while for me and my husband to accumulate some stuff that we have now.  But we saved a lot of money and got the items that we really like.

Anyway, today I am not in a hunt for this item but when I saw the great price tag and how awesome it looks, I realize I do need another one of them. I got a throw pillow from Nautica from TJMaxx.  I realized we got two red boring pillows and we just need something graphic.  The design is so cool because it's like a typography / word art sort of design.  It's originally priced at $24 but I got it for only$5! I am a happy woman haha.

Also, I got two free of the new lotion scent from Bath & Body Works "Be Enchanted."  I got the coupon from the website (unfortunately the giveaway ended today).   So I printed out two coupons for me and my husband to claim.   They usually have new scents or fragrance like every month so you just have to watch out for great deals and freebies on their website.  

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