Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My netbook broke :(

My purple netbook's LCD screen broke!  waaaaaaaa!  I am so mad and disappointed because that was a christmas gift from my hubby last 2009. There are so many things I love about that netbook because even though it is just a 10" screen, I watched more than hundreds of TV programs and movies on that little TV.  Whenever I am stuck in the airport waiting for a flight, it keeps me company.  During my first year here in the US, believe it or not, I get to see and talk to my family almost everyday.  And most of all, my precious netbook is the perfect color of purple which goes well with my purple Blackberry curve.  ahuhuhuhu
 ACER Aspire D250 netbook

What exactly happened?  Well my fault.  I set it on my bedside stand and closed it without realizing that the ear buds of my earphone is sitting between the screen and the keyboard.  I guess what happened is that ear bud smashed the screen.  I did not even realize it until 16 hours later when I get to fetch my laptop to update our trading blogsite.

I checked online and it is so expensive to get them repaired, I'd rather get a new laptop (which my husband did (=  ).

Well goodbye my old friend.  Out of all the laptops that broke on my hands, you are the only one that I am not going to throw away. :)

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