Sunday, September 4, 2011

apollo's first meal

My husband and I have been arguing about feeding Apollo solid food.  From what I was taught by my mom and from what I have read from textbooks and online, babies should start eating at around 4 to 6 months of age. 

Well... Ryan and I made a compromise that instead of waiting for Apollo's 4th month, which is Sept 29, we might feed him on his 3rd and a half month.  Today I started opening his new spoons and bowls and for some reason I just decided to give it a shot!  I did not even tell Ryan that I am preparing him some cereals.  He and Apollo was playing in the living room and I was secretly mixing a teaspoon or oatmeal cereals for babies in the kitchen.  I walked in the living room holding his little bowl and the first thing that came out of Ryan's mouth is "OH OH OH!  You are about to become a man!"  then he sat Apollo up on his lap and grab the bowl excitedly!

It was exactly 630PM EST of Sept 4, 2011 when something other than the milk and his nasty Polyvisol grazed Apollo's mouth.  hahahaha...Apollo's face is so funny the first time we put that spoon with cereals in his mouth.  He was smiling alot during his first ever solid food meal, it was amazing!  It's great to watch how he was surprised with a different texture inside his mouth.  He choked a little several times, but he finished about a teaspoon of his first meal.

Here are some photos and a video of him eating. :)

Link to the video (I cannot embed the video here argggh!)

His very first oatmeal cereal

Ready for his first bite!!!
A hearty eater is a messy eater haha

He finished his first bowl!  And he still wants some more :)

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