Sunday, September 4, 2011

apollo's 3rd month

Can you believe it?  i have a 3 month old baby!  yayyy!! it wasn't even 7 months ago when I learned that I am pregnant.  now I have a quarter year old baby! 

he turned 3 months last Aug 29 and that day was also his 3rd month visit to his new pediatrician, Dr. Cindy Hoover. He weight 13.5 lbs, length is now 23.5 inches and his head circumference is 40 cm.  He is now in the 50th percentile, meaning, he is now at the average weight and height of a 3 month old baby!  He gained almost 4 lbs in the past month and so happy to report that he is as healthy as a horse!  He has never been sick in the last 3 months, never been to the doctor except for his monthly wellness pediatrician check up, never even had diaper rash!  I'm a proud momma! :)

He got 4 vaccinations that day - 3 were given as shots, one is oral.  He got the Pentacel (combination of DtaP, HIB and Polio, 2nd shot of Hepa B, Rotavirus and Prevnar (given orally).  I thought Ryan and I are going to cry when he starting hollering and crying.  It's the first time I have seen him in pain and it was heart breaking!  But he did great coz he was calm after and he never pitch a fit that day.  He did not even get fever and body aches. 

Apollo being given his oral vaccine, Prevnar.
 Apollo holding on to Daddy's hands as he gets his first shot.
Apollo starting to cry as he gets more shots (while mommy weeps in the background)
The nurse gave him some gay looking band aids for his shots.

His little wee is healing real nicely.  Ryan and I are still a little concerned about the fact that his wee is tucked inside the fat rolls around it.  But the doctor said that it's normal for chubby babies.  We just have to keep on pushing it out.

The night of Apollo's 3rd month, we baked some gooey chocolate cupcakes with whip topping and had him blow his candles (well mom and dad did haha).

He is yet to catch up on some motor skills like he is starting to hold his head up but it still keeps on bobbing up and down but he is more comfortable now lifting it up.  He still thinks tummy time is torture haha but nevertheless, I still make sure he gets alot of tummy time.  He cannot roll over completely on his tummy and back without us nudging him but he is getting there.  :)

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