Tuesday, September 27, 2011

3:30 AM

It is exactly 3:30 AM as I started writing and I cannot sleep!  My husband went to St. Augustine, FL for work and will be back tomorrow night (he just arrived half an hour ago and I already talked to him after he checked in the hotel) and I am here in the house with Apollo.  Usually when Ryan is at work and Apollo and I are going to sleep, I put him to bed with me because 1) i know he loves sleeping in our bed and 2) i love him sleeping beside me too.  Apollo is already fast asleep but I cannot sleep.  I miss my pudding.

Earlier today Apollo and I pretty much just lounged inside the house.  It's been raining all day and I guess we are being lazy.  I did some more job hunting (oh yeah did I tell you that I am job hunting?) and sent in a few more applications today.  I updated this blogsite earlier to make some aesthetic changes and then I fixed Ryan some baon to bring out on the road (burger & potato burrito, hamburger, tater tots and packed some M Strawberry Wheats, bibingka, Twizzlers, Ritz crackers, gum).

Earlier today I noticed again how Apollo's head looks like patient's head undergoing chemo-therapy because of all the hair fall. haha.  It's funny coz it's coming off in patches, but there are already alot of hair that grew at the very top front of his head where he does not have hair before hahaha. 

Well, I have been thinking about the projects that I have lined up and I have to organize my thoughts around them tonight because there are a number of them that I want to accomplish before Christmas.

  • Picture Gallery.  I have a bunch of photos that I had developed (thanks to the free Walmart poster coupons that I got a few weeks ago!) and I finally got Apolloo's photos from his studio shoot (it came out awesome and I cannot wait to frame it!).  Since we have a bare wall in our living room where we have our couch, I am going to make a photo gallery of black & white photos!  I just need to buy alot of frames.  But then again, I was thinking instead of buying new frames, I might just go hit some yard sales, goodwill stores or thift stores because I have pretty huge photos and posters that I need to frame and I don't want to spend alot on frames.
  •  DIY Christmas Decorations.  Yes this year I want to make new Christmas decors.  I am kicking myself right now because I regret giving away our christmas tree from last year (kicking myself hard!!) because I can do ALOT with that humungous tree!  Nevertheless, I am planning on making some wreaths and garlands and table top decors, then just decorate a small tree this year.  
  • DIY Christmas presents.  This is my biggest thing this year and I have to start this SOON!  I want to make my own Christmas presents this year.  Art or Food?  Either one would be awesome I think because it's going to be personal.  First I have to finish my Christmas list to know what to give to who.
  • Sunburst Mirror.  I have been meaning to finish this project for a long time because I already bought most of the materials but alot of things are coming up!  Well, I have so many inspirations for sunburst mirror.  I love them because the mirror itself is so retro but contemporary.  
  • PEZ project.  Remember my entry a few weeks ago about making the PEZ project (click to check the original blog entry)?  Guess what?  I still haven't made it!  
  • Organize book shelf and supplies storage. It;s all in one place I am just not happy with how it looks like right now.  I need to buy some pretty wicker baskets/boxes that would fit on the cubbies of the shelf.  
4Well I still want to talk because I have so many ideas but it's already 4AM so I better get some sleep.  TA!

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