Sunday, August 7, 2011

REWIND: My last few days @UTMC

i spent the next 72 hours at the UT medical facility after delivery.  the first 24 hours is the most frustrating because 1) i am bed ridden at the delivery room because I need to take in 24 hours worth of magnesium (which will ensure I don't get into any kind of seizure) and 2) i cannot see my baby!!  Ryan on the other had gone to be with apollo for a long time during that first day and i have to rely on pictures :(

Over the next 2 days after giving birth, i was guided by the lactation nurse on pumping breast milk every 3 hours to start the milk production.  It was hard just because its frustrating to see just droplets of milk coming out of my huge boobs over the first 2 days.  Like where the hell is the milk?  Anywho, I just have to continue pumping but I was told that the colostrum or the initial milk produced is the most important.  Every drop counts so even if I just collect less than an ounce of colostrum a day, I still give it to the NICU for Apollo to drink.

I am still swollen.  Very swollen actually even on my 3rd day and I am getting worried even though several doctors told me that my body fluid will not go away overnight. It just sucks because I am already having a difficult time moving, I still have to carry all that weight.  Oh did I tell everyone that I gained more than 50 lbs in one week!  Yes!  I was more swollen after I gave birth but the swelling has gone significantly down on my 3rd day.  For more nightmares, here's my photo the day after Apollo was born.  HORRIBLE!

I am feeling much better on my 3rd day but walking and moving is still very difficult.  I can already help myself to going to the bathroom by myself, taking shower by myself and sitting up and down from the bed.  But it was a difficult feat. Every movement feels like something will come out of my punani (excuse my language!), but it's true!!  Ryan and the nurses have been a big help over the last several days.  But of course I also have to help myself so most of the time I have to force myself to move even though I don't want to, just so my muscles can get used to moving.  Of course I have to do everything slowly and carefully just because I still have a big wound inside.  Still, I am grateful that I went home feeling much better.

That day I was given a 3-month depo shot (contraceptive... because we are not ready to have another baby yet!  and especially after what happened) and got my prescriptions.  I visited my little guy before I went home to say bye for the time being.

It was a super emotional day for me on my last day because I am leaving my little precious behind and I want to take him home.  I was bawling the night before and that day when I am to be discharged.  It feels weird not feeling him inside my belly and no one is moving in there.  I know it's what's best for him to stay behind in the NICU but it's just hard for me and Ryan.

Apollo at 2 days old (taken May 31, 2011)

Apollo at 1 day old (taken May 30, 2011).  Our first family photo, first time I also held Apollo

This pre-eclempsia thing is the weirdest thing indeed.  My blood pressure is still a little funky but not as bad as it was before I delivered.  Not sure yet about my protein level but they said it just drops down just like that right after delivery.  Weird huh?

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