Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free Burgers at Ruby Tuesday!

This is the third time that Ryan and I enjoyed free burgers at Ruby Tuesday.  They constantly come up with this promo like every month or two, you just have to watch out for their offers in their website.

The coupon is good for any of their burgers in their menu as long as you buy two non-alcoholic beverages (sodas, sweet tea, lemonade, etc...). You will end up averaging only to pay around $5 for an $18 meal because their burgers usually cost $11 to $15 each. One drink usually cost only 2.50 - 3.99 so two drinks at maximum is only $8!  Yesterday we only paid just about $12 + tip for almost a $40 meal.  Score! :)

Ryan usually orders the Alpine Swiss Burger and I the Avocado Turkey Burger.  Delish!


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