Monday, August 8, 2011

apollo's new pupus

OK, over the last 5 months I am obsessing over the fact that here in the US, they do not sell any of those baby pillows here!  Everyone says here that pillows can suffocate infants if they turn over.  I tried to explain that the baby pillows in the Philippines are very thin and it would not do anything to the baby when sleeping even if they turn over.  And!  And!  There are no baby hotdog / bolster pillows anywhere here.  In short no baby pillows anywhere here... the poor babies!

Anyhow, Dhen, my cousin Dezs' close friend visited the US and she and Jeff (her husband) stopped by our house today and she graciously brought the pillows that my mom also graciously bought for Apollo!  Apollo got two hotdog pillows and one head pillow and two sets of extra pillow cases for all three. :)  Now Apollo can sleep more soundly and peacefully. :)

Thank you Lola Ye and Lolo Nanding for my pupus!  I love you!

(P.S. Pupu is another word for pillow made up by my niece Micah)

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