Wednesday, August 24, 2011

apollo's circumcision

Yesterday, Aug 23 2011, apollo finally got his circumcision at the East Children's Tennessee Hospital.  We got there at 810AM and I thought that we will be there for several hours.  I packed a big back for Apollo with 4 clothing change, and 4 bottles.  Well, we were out of there by 9AM! ha!

Dr. David Hill is the urologist who did the procedure. Before he started, he explained that there are two ways to circumcise an infant. The first one is to use the clamp which will be used to lift the foreskin upwards and then snip the excess skin off.  This method will not require any bandages or cover after.  The second method is to use what is called a bell or a ring, which will be placed on the tip or head of the penis.  There is an opening on the tip of the ring where the excess skin should come right up the tip and then they snip the skin off.  They leave the bell on until the swelling comes down and it should just fall right off.  Dr. Hill chose the clamp method instead for Apollo.

We thought that they are going to put him to sleep.   He wias given an anesthesia which was given as an injection shot on his little pee-pee.  They gave him tylenol too to sedate him a little.  I was so nervous when the nurse took him from me.  Ryan and I were sitting in the lobby and I was just restless.  I ended up crying when I heard him cry for about a minute.  The nurse told me that the only he cried is when he was given the anesthesia shot.  The rest of the procedure, he was awake and just looking around.  What a good boy!

After the procedure, Apollo was immediately handed over to me and we were given another schedule for a follow up appointment with Dr. Hill after 3 weeks (On Sept 16) so he could check how he is healing.

I am very relieved that it is now over and done with but I am a little freaked out about taking care of his little peepee!  We were given care instructions.  It was suggested to just give him a sponge bath over the next few days to a week to make sure the wound is dry.  We can give him tylenol over the first 24 hours just to help with the pain and swelling.  Other than tylenol, we are to put vaseline (petroleum jelly) around his penis, but not on the swollen wound.  The nurse told me that we need to massage the penis downwards very gently so the swelling with go down.  That is the freaky part because I do not want to touch his penis and hurt him! Nevertheless, i tried it, Apollo was not hurt so I am good!

On the way home, he was very very irritable.  I think it's the Tylenol kicking in. I do not usually feed him while he is in the car seat but I gave him his bottle anyway because he is hungry, sleepy and very uncomfortable.  He was pacified when he took the bottle and slept all the way home.

He is exactly 12 weeks and it took us awhile to get this appointment.  Normally, babies are circumcised a day or two after being born.  Since he was in the NICU for about 4 weeks, he did not get the circumcision because they do not perform circumcision for premies.  Apollo's primary physician, Dr Bean made the appointment for us and we have to wait for a month and a half to get the schedule.  Nevertheless, he got it and so much better than following the practice back home in the Philippines where boys usually get circumcised at the age of 12 or so.    haha I remember the first I told Ryan how Carlo got circumcised at a kitchen counter top at my aunt's house.  It's a funny story but I think my brother will be furious if I tell it here haha.

At the house getting ready to leave for his big day!

Apollo looking up at his hero!

Mommy giving Apollo a pep talk before the procedure

In just under half an hour, we are on our way home!  Apollo in the hospital lobby

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