Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my big fat pregnant feet

Today I am officially 31 weeks and 2 days pregnant and almost at my 8th month! yay!  What' s awesome about it is I only have a few weeks left and for the last 7 months I have been feeling great, no physical aside from my constipation and some occassional hormonal outburst manifested by mood swings.  :P  Other than that, I am pretty happy with how me and my little bubba have been doing so far!

Last week was the first time my feet ever swell!  I am not happy about it because they look like elephant's feet and it gets tired most of the time.  On the other hand, I am happy that it's the first time it's done this.  You see when I was pregnant with Joaquin (our first babe that we lost), my feet were swollen as early as my 4th month!  Not right and not pretty at all!  So this is why I am jubilant to only experience this swelling at this point! :)

For a better view of my pretty fat pregnant feet, I took the privilege of taking a good photo of it.  Not the hsexiest but it makes me feel more pregnant haha

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