Sunday, May 8, 2011

gestational diabetes - negative!

Last April 27, I went to Blount hospital to get my blood sugar test for gestational diabetes.  I am a little bit concern coz I have been eating alot of sweets lately (what can I do, I have an uncontrollable appetite!).  Well I went to get my blood extracted and they said if I received a call in about 4-5 days, that means I am positive with gestational diabetes.  Well it's been 10 days now and I am a happy momma once again coz they never called me! :)  I am so relieved because if they called and I resulted positive, I would have to go through a 5 day strict diet and spend about 3-4 hours getting some more elaborate tests after dieting.  Well thank God I do not have to go through the nasty health food diet!  I mean I still have to continue watching what I eat because my baby and I are gaining weight at an alarming weight.  The OB said I am at a great shape and weight so I am glad about that!  Now, if you excuse me, I have a slice of cake waiting for me. :)

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