Friday, May 27, 2011

day 4 @ UTMC - starting to feel the routine

Today is a much easier day.  A little boring just because the daily activities at the hospital is starting to become routinary - blood pressure monitoring every hour or so, stress test, baby monitoring, glucose test, etc...  Nothing new today really.

Oh!  of course except for the fact that I learned a few things today.  Like the reason why my blood pressure has been acting up yesterday is because they screwed up my blood pressure medication dosage - instead of giving me 60 mg, i am only being given 30 mg of the blood pressure medicine.   There has been improvement today since they changed the dosage and I have been hovering around 130s/90s once again.  Not too low but not too high as well..

No more shortness of breath thank God! :)  I think being off the IV bag helped alot just because there is so much liquid in my body that it's squishing all my organs together.  I saw Dr. H again today and even he said I look so much better today.  Maybe I do not look too purple coz I can breathe easily.

Unfortunately the swelling on my legs and things and feet has not improved any.  But I did feel lesser pressure on my back (which I noticed the other day is starting to swell too) so it's actually easier to move around.

Ryan went to work today and went home for about 4-5 hours to get some sleep.   My poor baby has had much sleep over the last few days that he said that  4 hours of nap helped alot!  He came back to the hospital at around 5 in the afternoon with some homecooked food (rice,  eggs, meat, grilled cheese sandwhich) and it was yummy!  We both missed home cooked meals coz it's been 4 days that we are eating hospital cafeteria and restaurant food. He is so sweet to cook for us and his rice is perfect :)

Today I got a chance to see little Apollo on ultrasound to just check how he is doing and as usual he is doing great!  His heartbeat rate is stable at 135-145 per minute and fetal movement is consistent.  My little Polo is growing big too :)

I took advantage of my wheelchair rights again with my Ryan and we went down to get some Starbucks coffee. :)  It's just a few minutes but the fact that we get to spend time together means alot to us. :)

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  1. Be safe you guys - I am thinking about you today!!! -Lin