Friday, May 27, 2011

day 1 @ UTMC - freakout day!

so today I got admitted here at UT Medical Center to be monitored for possible pre-eclempsia.  of course ryan and i are not thrilled about it but we will do everything to make sure out little Apollo and me are in good health.  How did we end up here?  ha!  well i wrote it on the previous blog but pretty much to cut the long short, i was referred to by Women's Care Group at Blount Memorial Hospital to Dr. Hennessey for potential pre-eclempsia.

I came in and I was ushered to the lab where they got my blood pressure, urine sample, weight, blood tests results (from Blount Memorial) and an ultrasound.  Dr. Hennesey and Dr. Fields came in to see me and the first thing that he told me is I look absolutely different from the last time he saw me. I was so swollen and as he feared my protein level in my urine and my blood pressure and just my physical appearance points him to the direction that I may have pre-eclempsia.  He did not hesitate and requested I be admitted for 24 hour monitoring of my urine and blood pressure to allow them to assess if I have to deliver Apollo soon.  

This is the first time that I ever saw Ryan scared shit, he was literally shaking.  When Dr. Hennessey and Dr. Fields said I might deliver today, it was way too much to take, I thought I am going to faint.  Well, they made the decision that I would go first through the 24 hour urine monitoring, constant blood pressure checks, fetal stress test, etc..  In a matter of an hour, we were admitted into our private room and things are being stucked all over me including IV fluids, blood pressure medication, etc..

Well, once in the room Ryan and I had a chance to step back, take a deep breath and go back again to all the conversation that just happened a few hours ago.  It's really difficult to take everything in so we decided to say a little prayer before we even try to understand everything. 

I am pretty much still in a stage where even the doctors still do not know if I need to deliver today.  Again all the results are still pending and the best thing that I can do is follow doctor's orders and have that bed rest in the hospital.

As of today, here are the stats that they are reading - 
  • +3 protein level in my urine (which accordingly should be at 0 zero)
  • 160/100 blood pressure (which has been running all night long)
  • gained almost 15 lbs in less then 5 days (water retention)
 The good news is Apollo is "perfect" according to Dr. Hennessey.  His vital stats are stable, fetal movement and heartbeat rate is normal and his size, weight and other vital signs are great.  I am so happy about this!

Ryan and I had a chance to organize our game plan.  He is of course going to stay at the hospital with me but will take some time off for a few days until we hear back on what the decision is from Dr. H.  He went home to get a few things from the house and we will spend the night here tonight.

Today i am freaked out just because of all the information overload and its just hard to take everything all at once.  but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  we know it will be better.

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