Thursday, April 14, 2011

cold attack

Today is the second day I had sore throat and colds.  I hate it just because I don't want any form of illness while I am preggy and it's just a damn nuisance.  I was getting worried yesterday because I am not really feeling well and have congested nasal passage which caused this really annoying headache. Not sure where I got this.  Maybe because the weather has been moody over the last few days - one day it is hot and sunny, the next thing you know there is another cold spell looming over the area.  I hate it.  As per my family's tradition, the first thing I did is make me some ginger tea (boil ginger and drink ginger juice/tea) and it helped relieved my sore throat on the first hour and I don't have to worry about it.  Then my cold started to escalate and the next thing I know I have watery runny nose and could barely breathe while laying down.  I ended up taking Tylenol just to relieve the stress caused by my headache and called Women's Care Group too to check what other medications I can take.  For some reason, they allowed me to take Claritin or Zytrec if my colds gets worse.  So far it's tolerable and I am getting rid of all the snotty snott snott. Thank God I did not get any fever and flu, that would be the worst thing right now.  I am still drowning myself with water, ginger tea and orange and pineapple juice to get hydrated and keep the vitamin Cs flowing.  Our baby seems to be doing well and still keeps mommy awake at night with his acrobats.  :)  I just want this spell to go away.  Seriously - go away!

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