Saturday, April 2, 2011

And the diet begins...

So I was on denial over the last few days that I gained weight.  Last week I was only 162 lbs.  When I went to the doctor last march 30th, I was at 167 lbs!  And I am blaming it on the weighing scale in UT medical.  Today Ryan and I are looking at each other and we are like, OH... MY.... GOD!  We did gained weight!  I know I should not diet while pregnant but I do have to watch my weight and what I am eating.  unfortunately, we downed 2 cheesecakes and 1 buttercake in the last 6 weeks.  UNACCEPTABLE!  So, first I have to come up with a healthy menu on a weekly basis without ofcourse compromising mine and my baby's health.  And second, Ryan and I are going to start exercising more.  Ryan is going back to the gym while I will continue my prenatal workout.  Hopefully that helps!  Because we want to be sexy again!! :P

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