Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jamming with my baby

So about 4 days ago, I started playing some music for Ryan Jr. so I have headphones on my belly everyday for about 30 minutes or so.  I read that when the baby starts approaching it's 5th month, their auditory senses gets alot stronger and sense of hearing is fully developed.  I always talk to my belly because I also read that he would soon start to recognize my voice and the sound of familiar voices around him, even though it will come in as muffled. 

Anywho like what alot of studies shows, I started playing Beethoven's music for him and he likes it!  He started kicking and moving around and at one point I think I even woke him up but he does like it!  Although I think he likes fast music more than the classical or mellow ones because his kicks are more bad ass with rock tunes haha. 

Well, it's been our exercise daily since a few days ago and will continue doing it until I have to give birth.  :)

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