Tuesday, March 8, 2011

belly farts

I am officially 21 weeks and 2 days into my pregnancy today.  For the past week, our boy has been most active and moving around alot and i have been experiencing belly farting several times a day.  Some pregnant women says it feels like butterflies and little flutters inside.  I thought it felt like farts.  Like the kind that bubbles inside.  Sometime it feels like sonic waves rolling inside my belly haha.  I like to call it belly farts hehe.   I have never experienced anything like this before, even during my first pregnancy.  When I was 20 weeks pregnant with Joaquin (our first boy), I did not feel any kind of movement.  I feel twitches and very small poking but not the kind of gargling and rolling inside my belly.  It's amazing how a banana size living creature growing inside me can make me feel tingly and giggly when I feel it.  It's true what alot of mothers say that the feeling is unbelievably indescribable.

Ryan Jr usually is awake during night time, between 11PM to about 2AM.  He has several movements during the afternoon too. I read in alot of articles and forums that most women experience the same thing and it is because when mothers are laying down still, you would feel every movement going on inside your body.  During the daytime when you are moving around, walking and doing things, you could barely feel the baby moving.  Some doctors says that it's also because babies tend to sleep during the times that mommies are moving around because the rocking makes them sleep.  And during the times that mommy is relaxing, the baby is more aware of what is going on because everything is very still.  Amazing isn't it.  They can think! :)

There are several weird things though associated by all the baby movements.  One is I pee like 2 dozen times a day.  There are instances when I go use the toilet 5 times in one hour!  I guess it's the baby kicking my bladder.  I am still constipated as usual, so I have to continue taking my stool softener which I think helps.  Farting is not yet a dominant activity in my pregnancy which is quite annoying because the feeling of small things moving around your belly and building up gas is not the most comfortable feeling.  So my husband says he would do the farting for me (which he does ALOT haha).

There are times that I freak out a little when Ryan Jr does not move for hours.  Then I just think to myself that he is sleeping or napping.  So everytime I feel him move, I get really giddy and relieved.  I guess it's the trauma of my first pregnancy.  I know Ryan Jr is a fighter and really feisty too.  Man, can he kick! hehe.

Stephanie, my brother-in-law's wife, told me that she used to drink orange juice when she was pregnant, everytime she does not feel any movement (coz like me, she freaks out too... so i am not the only lunatic after all!).  Then I read that when mommies eat anything that is sweet or sugary, babies tend to be active, probably because of the sugar rush.  I drink orange juice almost everyday for the vitamin C but now that I got this great tip, I am also drinking it for my baby's sustenance.

Belly farts are the next best thing to going to the sonograph room to see your babies ultrasound and see him and hear his heartbeat.  Like regular flatulence, my belly farting is the most comforting and relaxing feeling in the whole wide world! :)


  1. When I was pregnant with Dani and the Japanese Doctor couldn't get Dani to move like he wanted, they sat me down and gave me a Ramune (Japanese cream soda) and had me drink it. She perked up right away!

  2. Haha Kelly, that is what happens to my baby everytime I eat something sweet! I think it is the sugar rush :)