Monday, March 21, 2011

Always celebrate birthdays with a cake

Always celebrate birthdays with a cake.  Another breathe to blow the candles will not knock the life out of you. (21Mar2010, by Chris Ann Herron)

I am a firm believer of celebrating birthdays every year.  Alot of people tend to lose interest and excitement as they grow older and tend to just set aside the day that they entered this world.  NOT ME.  I love birthdays.  I'd say that every year, my interest in my birthday gets a little different.  Like I do not care about gifts and parties any longer.  But i still like remembering this day and this will always be my special day.  Heck I am alive because of this day!

That's how my favorite mantra came about.  At least have a birthday cake to celebrate the day you were born, if you are not a party person like I am.  And that's what exactly my sweet pudding of a husband did - he got me a festive purple birthday cake!  It's not UBE flavor but still I have a birthday cake!    We just had a simple intimate lunch at home because he has to work today, and then I blew my cake. :)  Tomorrow he is gonna take me out after our doctor's appointment.    The most special thing about this day is I've got this small bundle of gift inside my belly!  The best birthday gift ever!

So, as I always say, always celebrate birthdays with a cake, before your last breath.  :)

Happy Birthday to me!

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  1. Ah, I love UBE! I miss it... I bet you do, too!

    Happy Birthday! Love the pretty cake and the cute "belly-headphones" ;-)