Thursday, March 24, 2011

3AM heartburns & chronic urination

Ok I am officially 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant and I noticed that I have been getting some mild heartburn from time to time, mostly during the nighttime.  I took a sip of my juice before going to bed (well because I am thirsty!) and that's when it started tonight.  I did read somewhere that heartburn during this period of the pregnancy is common.  It is just a damn nuisance.  I need to drink milk because they said it helps reduce the heartburn, but we ran out of milk today.  Can vanilla ice cream count? :)

Other than that I love it when I wake up in the middle of the night because my baby is probably doing somersaults or backstrokes inside my belly.  Since he is 20th week old and started exploring the inside of my uterus where is he currently swimming in goo, I pee like two dozen times a day.  And yes, since he is awake mostly during early mornings, i get up about 3 times every hour to pee.  I think he is practicing mommy to some sleepless night.  What he does not know yet is mommy is used to the night shift - thanks to my former professional career, ha!

Anyway, I better hit the john again and go back to bed because this little boy here will not stop for the next hour.  But mommy needs some sleep.  So goodnight ya'll!


  1. A tip I read from one of my friends who just had a baby - drink Apple Cider Vinegar for heart burn. It sounds awful, but it is cheap and it works!

  2. Lin - that's what my mother in law said! So ryan has been shoving a spoonful of vinegar to me the whole week. I decided to continue drinking my milk instead haha :P

  3. LOL! How funny! I had never heard of it until she mentioned it in her blog. Luckily I can have Zantac, but if ever I have to rely on natural remedies, I will give it a try!

  4. haha - try milk. Ryan gave me a scientific explanation that milk is a base that kills the acid from the heart burn. aha! It's so effective and definitely much tastier than vinegar!