Wednesday, March 30, 2011

24 week update on hammy and mommy

Today I am officially 24 weeks and 3 days preggo.  So that leaves me just about 15 weeks left before our little peanut pops out. yay!!  that's not too far along!  Well, I went for my 2nd consultation with the high risk obstetrician at UT Medical again today, just to go through some follow up session from my first visit.  I am still categorized as the lowest risk in the high risk pregnancy, which is why I go on my regular check ups at both UT and Blount.  I am so happy to have the quickest follow up check up today coz everything looks good.   I saw my baby boy again (which you can view his latest 1D ultrasound under and he is still a boy haha.  I did notice that his little weiner grew!  hahaha  It's not just a small nubbin', you can see the actual scrotum and the nub area hihi.  So cute!  As usual, Ryan and I are always anxious to feel the heartbeat so the moment that we heard it, it's like music to our ears! :)   He grew alot.  He is already 1 lbs and 8 ounces (1.5b lbs) and more than 11 inches long.  Can you believe that?  He is now a size of a ruler.  His organs are all complete and like my first high-risk ultrasound, I still have 2 vessel cords (normal is 3) but again, Dr. Howard reassured me that it's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.  He said our babe is now at 39 percentile of his gestational growth, which is quite confusing because I am already more than halfway through my pregnancy.  Dr. did reassure me that it is quite normal.   

Other than that I am so surprised, and I would bet money that their weighing scale is wrong, to find out I gained 5 lbs this week!!  I do not think so unless my belly got bigger or the baby got so big.  The thing is the weighing scale at Blount is the traditional weighing scale that is manually adjusted while the UT medical weighing scale is electronic.  So i don't know why it is registering that I grew by 5 lbs!  Also, their blood pressure measure is much higher than my normal.  I normally have 110-120/ 70 blood pressure.  Today I am at 127 / 78.  Maybe I just lack sleep coz I have to wake up very early for my check up.  Anywho, the point is, me and the baby are healthy.  :)

Note to self:  Since I am too concerned about my weight gain, I need to buy me a weighing scale (I hate weighing scales so I don't have one right now haha). :P

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