Friday, February 4, 2011

You have h******... oh and you are pregnant

So it was already 9PM of Feb 1st.  Ryan and I are chatting with Mom and Dad from Manila, then I left Ryan to go do my business in the bathroom.  Well, have been constipated for the last month and a half and only go do my business every 2 days (which sucks).  That night I was freaked out because I saw red in the toilet.  So we decided to immediately go to the hospital and get me checked. Went to the emergency of Blount Memorial Hospital, they got my vital stats and asked me my last menstruation.  I told them its October last year, and explained that I have a history of very irregular menstrual cycle.  The attending physician, Dr. Franz immediately told me you may be pregnant that's why you are always constipated.  PAUSE.

You see, Ryan has been speculating over the last several weeks that I maybe pregnant.  Stubborn me kept on pushing away the idea of getting a pregnancy test because 1) I lost weight (whoopeeee!) and 2) I kept on thinking that I am back to my old irregular cycle.

TO CONTINUE... Dr. Franz checked my behind and told me, "Mrs. Herron, you have a mild case of h***** (yeah for me to know and you to find out haha).  Just to be sure I am going to have you blood tested and going to give you medication that will help you with your constipation and your h*****.  I will give you a pregnancy test too, so I will be back."

So someone took my blood test and after almost an hour of waiting, Dr. Franz came in told me.  "So you are all good.  You just have mild external h*****.... oh and you are pregnant!  Congratulations!"

And that is that.  :)  If not for my h*****, we would not have known that we are expecting a little Hammy Herron! :)

P.S.  By the way, after 20 years, I am back to using suppository.  Not fun! bwahahaha

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