Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Women's Care Group - Blount Memorial Hospital

So yesterday, February 7th, I went to the Women's Care Group (WCG), the Obstetrician-Gynecologist Department of Blount Memorial Hospital for the first time to get my very first check up.

For everyone's 411,  WCG will be my 2nd home over the next several months as I go through my pregnancy with our little hamburger.  WCG is located at the Blount Memorial Hospital which I am happy to say is only a mile away from our house.  So it takes approximately 2-3 minutes (give or take running into several red light) to the hospital.

To start of, I went through a thorough medical history review with one of the head nurses and an OB named Dr. Melissa Biller.  Aside from the medical history review, I am impressed by the orientation given by the WCG on pregnancy and motherhood, which covers diet and nutrition, healthcare, medications, services offered, expectations, etc.  I got a good volume of literature to read about the orientation and several free prenatal vitamins. That medical review and orientation took almost an hour and a half.   I think the amount of literature that I got will keep me occupied until my due date hehe

There are several items we discussed about DOs and DONTs because I was very particular in mentioning about what happened with my first pregnancy.  So I appreciate that the OB is very attentive to the details too.  Things that I wanted to avoid this time around is fatigue, stress, excessive weight gain and swollen ankles haha.

After that, I went to get my pregancy test again through urinal exam and a transvaginal physical exam with Dr. Biller.  As confirmed, I am 17 weeks and 1 day pregnant!  They had me blood tested and i think this is the most vials of blood to ever be extracted from me (15 small tube/vials!!) since they want to get me tested on everything.  it was explained to me though that just because I am farther along in my pregnancy and this is the first time that i am getting my check up, will require this much thorough of a check.  Which I would rather have anyways.

Then the funnest part begins when I went for my pelvic ultrasound.  I was so nervous because the last time I had an ultrasound was not the most pleasant experience.  I am so wishing Ryan was with me yesterday when I saw the profile of our baby fetus and heard the heartbeat!!!  Heartbeat!!! The most wonderful sound in the whole wide world!

According to the sonologist, our little hamburger is looking really well.  She did confirmed that the baby is right on 17 weeks and 1 day and my due date is July 17, 2011. :)  The baby is now at 6 ounces (average for 17 weeks is 4-7 ounces so rock on!), my uterus and placenta is in great shape and the baby's heartbeat is normal.  I am so happy to hear all this.  I saw the ribs, the arms, legs.  She said she could tell me the gender but I would rather have Ryan on the next ultrasound with me so we can know together. :)

It was a great first visit.  First I am very impressed by the WCG, everyone is very polite, friendly, professional.  The system is superb, the facility is huge, clean and very modern.  Second, I am happy the ultrasound went well.  And third, it's not difficult to schedule/change/move appointments!  Today at 845AM, I will be back to meet for the very first time with an OB for full consultation / check up.  So I hope today goes well too!  Unfortunately, Ryan will not be able to come with me because of his work.  Hopefully starting next week when his schedule changes, we should be able to go to the OB together. :)

For more information about the Women's Care Group Obstetrician-Gynecologists practitioners, visit their website at

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