Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Second OB Visit - Meeting Dr. John McAmis

So today I went in for my 2nd OB visit.  This visit is to meet the OB-Gynecologist who will take care of me over the next 5 months until I am due to give birth. 

Before I go into the details, a few days back I asked Jan, Ryan's step mama if she can recommend a good OB-Gyn from Blount Memorial.  You see Jan works at the Radiology Dept of Blount for the last several decades (# of years and age are deemed confidential hahaha) so I presumed that she would know someone really good in the field.  The first thing that she asked me is "Are you comfortable with a male doctor?"  PAUSE.  OK, Ryan and I had several conversations in the past about male OB-Gynecologist.  He is not too comfortable about the idea.  I really have no preference as long as they are good, professional and caring.  CONTINUE.  Anywho, I told Jan I don't care.  So she told me about Dr. John McAmis, who has been her OB-Gyn for the last several years (again, Jan's age deemed confidential haha) and she is very happy with his service and gave me her great recommendation and feedback about him.

So to go back to my original story, I went to my appointment with Dr. McAmis today at 845AM.  He is to perform several checks and consult with me about my case (since I am already 4 months into my pregnancy) and make sure he understands everything so he can take care of me.  Breast Exam, Thyroid Exam, Pelvic Exam came out really well.  We listened to baby ham's heartbeat once again using the fetal doppler.  Again the sound f my baby's heartbeat is soothing to my ears! 

He performed a PAP SMEAR and routine HIV test and I should get the results within the next two weeks.  I hate that I have a mild yeast infection which according to him is common for pregnant women.  He prescribed just a generic yeast infection medication that I can buy from any pharmacy.

We discussed my medical history and he recommended that I get a check up  with UT Medical in Knoxville.  The UT Medical OB-Gynecologist team handles the high-risk pregnancy cases.  Whilst my vital stats are showing that I am doing well so far, WCG would like to take precautionary measures to ensure that I get tested on everything.  I am not exactly sure what all kinds of test the UT medical will perform on me but Dr. McAmis said that they should be able to check everything.  Which I would rather go through to ensure that everything will be fine.  So this coming Feb 16th at 930 AM, Ryan and I are going to meet Dr. Mark Hennessey for my high-risk obstetrics test.

It was a good visit with Dr. McAmis today.  There are several test that he mentioned that is optional coz 1) These tests are only recommended if there are certain illnesses or ailments that are prominent genetically like lung, heart, pancreatic, gastric in nature and 2) it is super expensive.  One is called Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Testing which cost almost US$500.  I think that is an expense and risk test that we can forego for now since there are no known major problems that we have in both our genes.  There are other test that he does not really recommend but is optional. 

So far I have been doing pretty well this week. I am still constipated but I think I am over the period of my morning sickness, considering that I am already in my 2nd trimester.  I tend to get tired and sleepy most of the time and sometimes experience back side pains.  Other than that, nothing of those crazy pregnant antics that some pregnant moms experience.  Thank God!

Ryan and I really have no preference on what gender the baby would.  Somehow I feel that Ryan would like to have a little princess that he can spoil and call a daddy's girl.  But what's most important for us right now is to have a healthy normal baby.  And we are not worried because we know our little ham will be gorgeous and super awesome!

P.S.  For more information on WCG, visit and look for Women's Care Group under the Practice Name field.

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