Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mr. Pregnant Herron

So apparently since I am farther along in the pregnancy, I am over the phase (1st trim) where I get all that funky things going on in my body.  Apparently, without me noticing, I did go through that period where I feel sick at some days, my body aches, tender breasts, cramps, twice I even threw up!  I have been tired and sleepy most of December and January and I keep blaming the weather for it!  Then there is also the unpleasant fact that I have been constipated every week for the last two months.  Not happy about that but thinking about it now, those are my pregnancy symptoms!  Then again the stupidest thing is I missed my period 3 months in a row, WHICH!  WHICH!  Again I am going to defend, did not surprise me at all because I have always had irregular menstrual cycle.  So, I have an excuse haha.

Well, now that we know we are expectant parents, Ryan and I have been more conscious of what's going on with my body... including his haha.  I have been noticing that Ryan's probably carrying the grudge of going through some of my symptoms.  Sort of like sympathy pregnancy.  :)

He eats.  I mean he EATS.  ALOT.  The other night he cannot recall getting up in the middle of the night, half-asleep, and eating the last piece of banana nut bread.  The following morning I told him about it and he cannot remember haha.  But then Ryan is the type who likes to munch in the middle of the night, something that he does since he's a little kid.  But this time around, he has A huge appetite.  Which works well for me because I am not the one gaining all the weight.  Ha!

He is more GAS-sy than ever!  Well he has always been a farter (and not ashamed of it haha, its a good feeling I cannot blame him!) but his flatulence over the last couple of days is ATOMIC!  haha  Again, I have been super constipated over the last few weeks I cannot even muster a teeny tiny fart.  HE does it for me haha.

I am pretty happy though that his testosterones have not start kicking in.  Sometimes I have mood swings and go on this worried mode just because everything is happening so fast, but nothing too catastrophic.  We are pretty happy that I have been on better moods most of the time.  HE is on a great mood ALL the time which makes me happy about it too.  Can you believe it if mood swings starts kicking in and he starts to panic and his testicles starts hurting while we are in the delivery room?  Nah-uh. not the kind of sympathy pain I am looking forward to, I don't want him to walk out on me haha.  I don't think he will but I really do not understand how sensitive a man's golf balls are when it starts to hurt.  HA!

Well, other than those sympathy symptoms, Ryan is definitely an excited daddy.  Last night he ask me if I think he will be a great father.  I told him, you know what, you already are. :)

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