Monday, February 28, 2011

Midterm update

Wow!  Almost 4 weeks ago, we have no clue that we have a bun baking in my oven.  Now, I am already halfway to my homerun!  yeah boy!  :)

It seems like it was only yesterday when I learned that we are pregnant and so many have changed already over the last several weeks.  We only experienced that initial shock for a couple of days, then after that it's just all excitement!  I guess that's the best way to approach things because 1) who does not get happy when they learned they are pregnant?? (well i guess except for teen pregnancies and accidental pregnancy with someone you don't love); and 2) we want a healthy happy baby!

Mommy Changes
The past week Ryan and I have noticed how much my tummy has gotten bigger.  Like literally, it's higher than my boobs now. :P  it seems like I also gained weight but I am happy to see that I am gaining weight because my belly is getting bigger, not because I am gorging on food too much.  I still don't have the hanging chicken neck or the double chin so that's a good sign that I can eat some more, ha!  Nevertheless, I am starting to blow out of my clothes.  Ryan let me shop for some muumuu dresses, which unfortunately, I still cannot wear right now because it has not warmed that much yet.  But I cannot wait coz they are all so cute! :) 

I am still a little constipated but my stool softener, my prune juice and tons of water and veggies is helping me everyday.  I still cannot poop everyday but I sure had no problem this afternoon when I did my business #2.

I tire alot and Ryan said I am starting to waddle when I walk hehe. Not that much but my hips tire alot more  and I find the I need to sit down every so often.  I sleep longer still and have to roll over in order to get out of bed haha.

My next OB appointment is like 3 weeks from now and I don't know if I cannot wait.  I wish I can go every week to get my work up and get an ultrasound every week!  That would have been awesome! :)

Baby Bumping
Since I still do not have a name for our baby (actually we do but we  are halfway through finalizing it haha), I will refer to him as Ryan Jr. Ryan Jr is definitely moving awhole lot now.  Ryan Sr. is a little impatient though because he still cannot feel the movements from the outside of my tummy.  But it is true what alot of mommies say, it feels like butterflies inside when they move.  Sometimes it feels likelittle rolling waves, and it's a different feeling from when your stomach is gargling that I cannot explain.  I cannot wait for the time when Ryan finally feels it.  Every night before we turn in for bed, he would put his ears on my tummy and he swears that he can hear the baby.  Dr. McAmis told him it's my tummy haha, but he still wants to believe it's his boy moving around for him. :)

Every week i am reading literature about the weekly progress of my pregnancy.  I read that on the 20th week, my baby should be around 10 ounces now and about 6 1/2 inches from head to bottom (since they are bent over, you can only measure down to their butt.  So that is about the size of a medium banana.  :)  I also read he should be swallowing now so I better eat good! :)

Well I better get some rest now.   I have been cleaning non stop over the last 3 days (don't worry I am taking alot of rest in between), especially the upcoming boys room (Joey's & Ryan Jr's).  Will post pics of the BEFORE. :)

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