Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's a Ryan Junior!

Yay!  We are gonna have a baby boy! :)  Funny coz Ryan wanted to name a baby girl Chris Ann Junior haha.  Now we have a Ryan Jr.!

We found out today when we went to get an ultrasound at University of Tennessee  Medical Center High-Risk Obstetrics.  Ryan and I really have no preference.  We have been looking at baby girl's names over the last couple of days but deep inside, we have a feeling we are gonna have another baby boy.

Can you see the little  teeny baby balls on the ultrasound picture? Our little one is exactly 18 weeks and 3 days and weight 8 ounces!  He grew by 2 ounces in a matter of one week! :) We  are so happy to hear that our baby is doing well and as far as mommy is concerned, I am doing well too!  I will write more about my visit with Dr. Hennessey, High-Risk OB-Gyn, in another blog.  Right now I am just excited because now it's easier to plan and start preparing for our little Ryan. :)

Now we can call our baby a "he", and not an "it." :)  So precious! Now its time to hit that giant baby name  book that we have been holding on for the last one and a half years! :)

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